Seen but not heard

As a child, I knew the power to speak one’s mind.  I think that so many times people want to remain quiet and not say anything because they do not want to offend people and granted one must use his or her common sense and not simply spat out every thought that comes into one’s mind. When I was younger I spoke my mind clearly and I had no problem showing people who I really was. I think when people grow older there is a tendency to become more insecure in ourselves like when we are teenagers and even as adults we worry about impressing people and what they think of us. I think that even though first impressions are important one must say what he or she thinks. If you have an idea do not be afraid to voice it because maybe there is a problem and you have the solution to that problem, yet you do not raise your voice, therefore no one is going to hear you or your possibly great idea. It is so important to not worry about making a fool of yourself. I think that is one of the greatest reasons why individuals do not  speak is because they are afraid of what others will think of them. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and open your mouth and speak your peace. Who knows? Maybe you will give an idea that could cause a great change to occur for the better good. It is good to be seen, but remember you must also be heard.


4 Responses to “Seen but not heard”

  1. missmollypr Says:

    I totally agree! Although we are on this band wagon together, there are many others who think that “less is more”. My mom has said that phrase over and over to me, and I just am not grasping it. I am with you, and think that one’s opinion does matter, and if we stay silent, our idea or thought might have been useful in that situation.

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  3. djhughes10 Says:

    You are right on it. I believe that not saying what needs to be said enables poeple to stay in their mess or to continue to their “wilderness circle”. There comes a time in life when we have to make a stand, set the standard to no longer be silent. That’s the problem with many ministries and business that there are people who have something to say but because of their fear or insecurity issues get pushed under the rug time and time again. Who will break the silence?

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